New Papa John’s Pizza CEO Steve Ritchie Apologizes To Customers

Steve Ritchie, who took over as the new CEO of the Papa John’s Pizza franchise in January 2018 amid some negative press the company received due to decisions that were made by its previous leader, recently apologized for this error in judgment in order to regain the trust of customers. Although the executive feels that it will take time for the business to get back in good standing with patrons, he has begun to take measures to assure that this happens. The strategies Steve Ritchie plans to use include bringing in outside experts to advise on diversity practices within the company, talking to and getting feedback from employees and franchise owners on ways to move forward, holding the management team accountable for how they handle issues, and being as transparent to the public as possible.

Having been an employee at Papa John’s (@PapaJohns) for over two decades, Steve Ritchie was one of the best choices when the company was looking to name a new leader. He previously worked as a Customer Service Representative, then became a franchise member a few years later, and between 2014 and 2017, he was the President of the brand’s International division. As the new CEO, he will be responsible for working on the franchise’s global development and marketing. Papa John’s currently has 120,000 corporate and franchise members all over the world, and it has more than 5,000 restaurants, 4,456 of which are in operation in the US. Founded in 1984, the pizza chain later received a number one rating when it comes to customer satisfaction.

The company has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, and it is the 3rd largest pizza delivery service in the world. In 2002, it was the first national pizza restaurant to make online ordering of its product available in the US. After Steve Ritchie Papa Johns was promoted to CEO, he expressed that he was humbled to be given the opportunity to take on such an important role in the business. As he continues to work to rebuild and improve Papa John’s image, he wants customers to know that their loyalty is greatly appreciated. Learn more about Steve Ritchie by looking at his Bloomberg profile.

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Ryan Seacrest: A Man With Many Talents

Ryan Seacrest is a beloved radio personality, television host and media mogul. He has accomplished many things for himself. Many people first became familiar with the mogul on American Idol. He became the host of the show and took the show by storm. He has made millions of dollars from working on American Idol. But his career success does not stop there. He has a trending radio show that is very popular in Los Angeles, California. On Air With Ryan is the name of his radio show. Live With Kelly and Ryan is the daytime talk show he co hosts. Many people spend their mornings tuning into this show. He has his own foundation. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation works to bring radio and media services to pediatric hospitals and medical facilities. When he is not busy juggling all of these jobs, he is working on his clothing line. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is his menswear collection. Now, his millions of fans can dress like him too. The mogul does not stop there. A skincare line is in the works that will pair well with his menswear collection.

Ryan Seacrest is a big-time boss today. He wears many hats. He travels the world running his media empire. He is the true essence of a modern entrepreneur. Many people look up to him because of his charm, personality and work ethic. But Ryan Seacrest had his fair share of trials. He spent much of youth battling being overweight. He had to learn that he had the power to change his body and life for the better. Doing so, has given him the confidence he has today.

Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) takes health and fitness pretty seriously. It’s understandable why. To make sure he does not return to an unhealthy lifestyle he spends time in the gym. He makes sure to get in his walking. He also eats a healthy diet. Green smoothies are important to him. Eating the right amount of vegetables to keep him healthy is key to his lifestyle. He may be a busy businessman, but he is also a fitness fanatic.

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Hussain Sajwani Doesn’t Like Bigotry

Homogeneity is a slippery slope to bigotry. Bigotry results in closed mindedness, and the refusal of good ideas. Good ideas are needed to run a business smoothly. This is why Hussain Sajwani avoids homogeneity in the hiring practices of his company. People from dozens of countries work for his company. Both males and females work for the company, as well as people of various religions. Diversity encourages acceptance of good ideas, which is what Hussain Sajwani is going for. Also, in general, it creates a better a world when people are not discriminated against in the hiring process.

Hussain Sajwani, the man behind DAMAC, does not talk or think much about politics. He just looks at the present state of the world and decides which important changes to make to his organization. In this manner, he keep everything simple and easy. He doesn’t get inflamed or overly passionate about politics. He is wise to be like this because the political climate of the world is always changing, and people just keep spouting rhetoric like endless water faucets–alienating millions of other people in their path. Hussain Sajwani keeps his composure, takes on a reasonable viewpoint and does not do this. This is really the best approach to take, because he doesn’t come off as being a complete psycho, unlike many politicians, businessmen and people in the media.

Hussain Sajwani would also like to make DAMAC’s portfolio more diverse by bringing his business to the Far Eastern land of China.

In an interview with CNBC, he said that China is a wonderful place when it comes to making business plans. The place is experiencing an industrial revolution and is tremendously wealthy. It does not have the same face as the West, though it is just as successful as Western countries. There are still a lot of dirt-poor peasants and poor people in cities, but this is because of China’s unique, complex history. The country, itself, is a huge world power. Already, a lot of business is going on between China and the rest of the world. Surprisingly cheap goods can be purchased from China via the internet.

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Freedom Checks How People can Earn Huge Profits From It?

Investing in the financial markets can be really difficult if you do not have much idea, but you can be sure that with the help of experts, investing smartly would become much easier. One of the experts whose advice you can rely upon without hesitation is Matt Badiali. With years of experience in the financial sector, Matt Badiali has been able to device a financial and investment strategy that is tried and tested and is known to fetch positive results. If you are looking to invest in the financial market and need some expert guidance, then you might want to take the help of Matt Badiali. Apart from being a financial analyst, he is also a successful geologist. His experience in the field has allowed him to learn more about the investment strategies in this industry that is not easily known to people.

Matt Badiali is the editor of two popular financial newsletters named the Front Line Profits and Real Wealth Strategist. In these newsletters, he has been able to suggest people the investment strategy that he believes is highly fruitful and would provide people with generous returns in the future. Matt Badiali came into highlights recently after he asked people to invest in the Freedom Checks from the energy sector. Investing in the energy sector in the master limited partnership firms would help people free dividends regular as these companies share a good amount of their profits with the investors. They are needed by law to share a large part of their profits.

Matt Badiali says that with the help of the investment advice he gives, people can enjoy financial freedom as well by getting Freedom Checks regularly as dividends. If you want Freedom Checks too, make sure to subscribe to Real Wealth Strategist today. It has all the tips and recommendations that would help you earn regular income from your investments in the form of Freedom Checks, which would surely help you lead a financially safeguarded life. One has to start investing early on in their life once they start working so that they can have enough for their retirement years to enjoy to the fullest.

Chainsmokers Build More Followers While Releasing New Music Astounding Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart

Some might say that if you are in the electronic field of music such as a DJ or producing electronic music, that you really aren’t even an artist or band. This was put to rest when Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart broke the mold and started the Chainsmokers.

Before the duo knew each other, they both shared separate lives and separate passions. Andrew was living in Maine and was attending school. Alex was living in NYC and spending much of his time in the clubs DJ-ing. While Alex knew that he wanted to be in the music industry doing something around the electronic music field, he also wanted more than just a DJ position. Andrew wanted to be in the music industry but did not share the same passions as Alex until after they met and spoke about what they wanted to do.

Alex Pall was introduced to Andrew Taggart when the manager set up a meeting between the two of them. It wasn’t until after the pair sat down and spoke that they realized that the friendship would be one that would keep them motivated and releasing new music over time. Once the pair met and Andrew had to return to Maine, it was then that the decision was made to drop school and everything in Maine to move to NYC. From that moment on, nothing has been simple for the group.

The Chainsmokers have been lucky enough to climb the charts and retain at the top of the charts. Not many groups of bands have been lucky enough to do just that. Many of them will climb to the top for a single or two and then start the decline back down. As soon as each single was released under the Chainsmokers label, they continued to stay on top. Single after single was released and there was never a moment that the duo had which indicated that they would start to see a decline in sales or followers. In fact, it was quite the opposite. They continued to remain on top of the charts and continued to see more fans showing up at shows or meet and greets. The success they felt was like nothing that the duo thought they would see so early on.

Victoria Doramus is a Renowned Philanthropist who is also a Digital and Print Media Professional

Victoria Doramus is a successful entrepreneur. Before achieving her success, Victoria she encountered a lot of challenges. Fortunately, she always overcame all the challenges.

Background Information

Victoria Doramus is a knowledgeable and experienced market trend analyst. She has a deep understanding of the consumer retail and global market trends. Additionally, has worked in the media industry where she served in the creative works division. Among the organizations that she served include Stila Cosmetics, Mindshare, and the Creative Arts Agency.

Since Victoria Doramus is currently a successful entrepreneur and a philanthropist, many people might assume that she hasn’t encountered challenges in life. On the contrary, Victoria Doramus has been through various challenges including drug and alcohol addiction. She battled the condition for many years, and finally overcame the struggles that she was enduring. Doramus acknowledges that the recovery process was difficult.

After recovering from her previous ordeal, Victoria Doramus is currently a recovery expert. She helps out the people who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction by sharing her various life-experiences. As an addict, what matters most is how you will handle yourself since the decisions you make will impact your life in either a positive or a negative manner. Furthermore, Victoria Doramus is living proof that it is possible to recover from alcohol and drug addiction.

About Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus has always been passionate about mass communication. Eventually, she decided to enroll at the University of Colorado where she studied journalism and mass communication. Additionally, Victoria Doramus was also intrigued by history and art.

Career-wise, Victoria Doramus is a digital and print media professional. Throughout her career, she has always ensured that her clients are happy with her quality of work. Victoria Doramus’s first occupation entailed working as an assistant media planner at Mindshare where her job entailed working together with clients and media vendors to come up with branded content. Eventually, Victoria Doramus also worked for many more companies, and he gained a significant working experience that later contributed to her current success as an entrepreneur. Doramus is a role model for younger individuals looking forward to investing in digital and print marketing.

Victoria Doramus: The One Who Never Quit

Victoria Doramus currently works as a recovery expert who was able to share her real life experiences with drug addiction if and constantly works to better herself and those around her as well as those who are less fortunate. In her early career Victoria Doramus had a medley of jobs over the years, from working as a media professional to becoming a creative consultant with a cosmetics company to being a personal assistant for a well-known film director as well as aiding in the research and writing for several books, Doramus has done it all. Despite her success and loving what she did, Victoria Doramus fell to the hands of addiction in 2011. Even though she had spent 45 days at a rehab facility in Arizona, Victoria Doramus kept falling farther into the pit of addiction even after changing friend groups and moving out of the country as well.

After hitting rock bottom, consumer trends expert Victoria Doramus was brought to the Burning Tree recovery center for long-term drug addiction treatment. The facility’s treatment plan was a 12 step program that was more similar to a boot camp than your typical drug addiction facility. After she completed all 12 steps, Doramus went on to live in a halfway house where she had to work 30 to 40 hours a week and attending frequent meetings with her sponsor. Today, Victoria Doramus works with the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the Women’s Prison Association, and supports the Best Friends Animal Society, and Rooms to Read. Each of these foundations and societies provide Mr. Doramus with a way of giving back to those who are in need or to those who have helped her over the years. She is a woman who is never willing to quit and is always looking to help give back to others.

Boraie Development Delivers on its Responsibilities in Projects

The Aspire, New Brunswick is an apartment building in New Jersey, and it has 238 residential units and offers 24/7 services. The apartments are convenient in that they are near a means of transport being the New Brunswick train station. Additionally, it has a health facility near, diners, and shopping malls which makes it preferable for most individuals who seek a place to stay for a while or a few days. The fact that the management allows guests to bring pets with them makes it unique in that most luxury apartments prohibit the accommodation of pets. In regards to storage, clients have an individual room with indoor bike storage and parking which means they have considered people from all walks of life. The fact that it gets managed on site suggests that the guests can contact the management at their own convenient time which is a plus for the Aspire as it attends the clients’ needs promptly.

Omar Boraie Development happens to be the urban real estate company behind the development of The Aspire. The company majors in real estate development, sales, and marketing as well as property management. To make their projects successful to the clients’ satisfaction, the company sees to it that the right people are at work especially the architects and contractors. Additionally, the company liaises with reputable financial institutions that walk with them until the end of a specific project. For The Aspire, the company was motivated to develop it with the growing population of a young generation that would appreciate the state of the art that it offers. Some of the luxuries in the apartments include flat screen televisions, pool tables, Wi-Fi and a sky deck that has outdoor electric barbeques. A fitness center as well is one amenity that entices the guests who seek to stay in the apartments luxuriously.  For more details you can visit


Boraie Development has partnered with O’Neal in various projects which are all in New Brunswick. The demand for commercial and housing development in New Jersey is what prompted most of the company’s plans. With the two parties working together, one offers the resources while the other gives the required expertise to make a project a success. They are therefore determined to do one real project other than several projects with minimal impact on the city. One major project they undertook was the first Newark’s housing tower which is the best in 50 years since the advancement of the town. In that case, Boraie Development has played a vital role in seeing The Aspire, New Brunswick apartment building in New Jersey a success thanks to their experience and expertise of many years. You can checkout for more details.





Rodgiro Terpins’ Successes in Corporate and Motorsport Industries

Rodrigo Terpins is a man of many accomplishments in careers that are otherwise diverse. Coming from a family of veteran sports personalities, he has perfectly embraced and upheld motor sports as part of his career. His love for sporting can be traced back to his early life and years during which he used to fix cars in his father’s garage.


Interestingly Rodrigo Terpins has succeeded in maintaining a perfect balance between his motor-sport career and corporate management where he works as manager and owner of T5 Partipacoes. His ability to maintain such a balance is partly derived from his undergraduate degree in corporate governance that he acquired from Saint Hilaire University.


Passion is Rodrigo Terpins’ major asset that enables him to balance between the two contrasting faces in sports and corporate management. The challenges that motorsport rallying presents to him have not been sufficient to keep him off the tracks. As a rally driver, he managed to advance the ranks from a co-driver to a driver and to win multiple awards both for himself and his team, the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. You can visit Ideamensch for more.


His success in the rallying tracks is also owed to the tremendous responsibility and expectation that fans have upon him. Afraid of failing his team and fans, Rodrigo Terpins has managed to rise through hurdles to become a leader and prominent household name in the Brazilian motorsport industry. He is also considered as a role model to many upcoming sports cum business persons.


According to his interview with Ideamensch, Rodrigo Terpins is a man who is not afraid of challenges. He loves the constant wave of challenges that life can present from time to time. Harnessing the power of social interconnectedness, Rodrigo Terpins can turn any challenge into a business opportunity that could be used to churn income while creating employment.


Given his nature of business in Floresvale, he is savvy of acquisitions more than startups. His business empire, Floresvale mainly acquires already planted forests and resourcefully makes use of timber to create fresh products that customers can appreciate. Given the environmental concerns of destruction, Rodrigo’s investment in Floresvale also takes note of the need to be actively involved and engaged in conservation efforts.



Ara Chackerian Promotes Treatments For Depression

Ara Chackerian and a business partner of his have recently discovered a new way to treat major depression disorder. Ara is widely known for his involvements in the technology and healthcare fields. He hope to be able to combine the two fields in a balanced manner that would prove to be most beneficial to the well being of the population. Mr. Chackerian has recently found one of those types of treatments.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is the most recent development that Ara and his partner have found. TMS has shown to be a highly effective method of treating major depression disorder. The new kind of treatment has been recognized as the third pillar of psychiatric care by Chackerian and his business partner. The other two pillars are medication and talk therapy. Ara hopes to bring more awareness to the effectiveness of this treatment. Check out



The desire to bring to light a new way to treat depression is similar to his desire to bring awareness to the issue of suicide that our country faces today. It is well known that there can be many underlying reason for suicide and depression is most common among them. 45,000 people die from suicide in the United States every year. That is a staggering number that Ara Chackerian hopes to bring down by first bringing awareness to it.


We can only change something if we are aware of it first. Many people do not have the capacity to talk about their suicidal thoughts or tendencies because of fear and confusion. They may fear what other people may think about them because the topic of suicide is taboo in our society. Speaking about suicide can leave someone in a very vulnerable position and that is something that many do not want to experience. You can visit



Not only can talking about suicide put someone in a very vulnerable position, it can also reveal the underlying depression. Not knowing how to react could quite possibly be another reason for the stigma that surrounds the topic of suicide. Suicide is not something that is as publicly talked about as it should be.



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